Business Story
We are an independent company that is run by students at valence school, we recenty  opened the vegetable stall which is called V-veg. We will be selling a wide range of produce which has been grown in the schools very own polytunnel and other growing areas. We will be running this stall every week selling produce to staff to raise money for the school. If successful we will expand the company to the local area.
This is a part of a young exterprise that the school has been running the past year, this is a big chance to experience what it is like to run a business.This will help us when want to possibly start our own company in the future.   
In our business we aim to
deliver you fresh organic
fruits,vegetables and herbs.
For collection  
Weekly stall
If you can come and to the stall to
buy our wonderful produce,
every thurday.
Pre-order produce
Please email us at [email protected]  to tell us what wonderful produce  you would like from the Veg of the week page.

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